Ergonomic Assessment & Education

As an authorized Humanscale dealer, VPOE can refer our clients to Humanscale Consulting. These experts will work with you directly to improve workspace ergonomics through educational seminars, audits and program guidance. If you are looking to develop or enhance an ergonomic initiative, Humanscale Consulting can provide the resources necessary to achieve your program goals.

For more information on ergonomic assessments or to schedule a training event call (630) 279-2312 or email

Humanscale Consulting Offers

Individualized ergonomic assessments

Ergonomic awareness training for employees

Ergonomic program development and implementation

Healthy Workstation Guidelines

Humanscale Ergonomic Training Events & Seminars

Ergonomics 101: Working Pain and Risk Free
Ergonomics 101 is an educational presentation designed to increase ergonomic awareness within your organization.

Trends in Ergonomic Design for Office Environments
This session explores key research developments in the areas of seating, input device design, display technology, lighting and employee level training.

Ergonomics Program Development Workshop
Attendees are taught how to formally address ergonomic concerns from an organizational perspective.

Train the Trainer Program
A more comprehensive program designed to enable a team to make competent ergonomic assessments within your organization.

Product Training Session
This session provides employees with the information they need to immediately benefit from an organization’s investment in ergonomic tools.

Ergonomic Assessments
Ergonomists identify and document musculoskeletal risk factors, train employees on ergonomic principles, and provide recommendations for workstation enhancement.

Baseline Audit
This service provides on-site evaluation of current risk factors, design standards, technology challenges, and organizational requirements.